Mathew Fleeger takes lead at Gulf Coast Western

Mathew Fleeger is a man of many successes thanks to his exemplary leadership skills and business acumen. He has risen up the ladder from his humble beginnings to the current position as the CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western. Through his career, he has amassed a great wealth of experience, especially in the oil and gas industry.

However, it did not all start here. His story goes way back to his early college years. Mathew Fleeger attended the Southern Methodist University where he took a course in finance and marketing. Immediately after graduation, he went right in to get involved in the oil and gas industry thanks to the guidance of his father.

Making use of his newly acquired skills and his entrepreneurship talent, Mathew Fleeger did not take long before he made it in the industry. He went from one job to another in his bid to gain experience from various perspectives. This would later help shape his overall view of the industry. His leadership skills saw him excel in most of the executive positions he held. This saw him rise from the entry-level positions to the top ranks with much ease.

After having worked for various firms, Mathew Fleeger finally decided to settle down and work at Gulf Coast Western; his family’s business. His stint at the company was nothing short of phenomenal, and this gave him the confidence that he could do more.

In 1993, Fleeger decided to venture on his own and started MedSolutions; a company that was involved in the treatment, disposal and management of medical waste. He would later sell the company after seeing it go through some tremendous growth. With this development, he went back to Gulf Coast Western where he still serves to date. He is keen on improving the prospects of the company and achieving his father’s vision for the company.

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