Sharon Prince Contributions To Humanity-Based Conversations

Grace Farms Foundation — according to thousands of people — means a chance to enjoy and experience life at its best. In just a decade, the foundation has not only assisted people in regaining their lives back, but it has also started essential conversations around essential subjects. Sharon Prince — who is the chair and one of the most critical professionals in this foundation — believes that the Grace Farms Foundation was timely. See This Article to learn more.

One of the areas that Sharon and the foundation are passionate about is environmental sustainability. This subject matter is arguably one of the ‘hottest’ global topics primarily because of the environmental changes. The foundations offer a conversational space and more importantly — sustainable solutions.

Through this foundation, Sharon Prince is also able to advocate for better lives for children around the world. Sharon Prince is a firm believer that children around the globe deserve good lives and more importantly – family love. Reports by different human right groups have shown that child exploitation is on the rise around the world.

Under her foundation, she has not only contributed to this important topic, but more importantly, she has offered solutions. Prince is also keen on advocating for better treatment of women around the world and eradicates violence towards women. Also, the foundation is also a think tank for advocating the abolition of human trafficking and alternatively — offering better alternatives.

Due to her contributions to humanity and neglected human topics, Sharon Prince is a recipient of numerous awards around the globe. Two years ago, she received Auburn Seminary’s Lives of Commitment Award — one of the most coveted humanity awards. Sharon also won NOMI Network’s Abolitionist Award — for her extensive work in challenging human trafficking. She hopes that Grace Farms Foundation will continue to some evils against humanity and more importantly provide some alternative to the human problems. She also hopes that the responsible organizations will change their approach and view on climate change.


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