Steve Ritchie significance to the development of Papa John’s

His role in Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie came clear to state that Papa John’s was not based on an individual instead of a team. Papa John’s is a pizza firm which comprises of thousands of personnel across the globe. They are the people who work tirelessly to ensure customers access pizza. Local owners and distributors make sure customers acquire the product and enjoy it. The company is looking forward to recruiting external auditors to assist in auditing them. It will be carried out in terms of culture, diversity and inclusion activities. By carrying out this audit, the firm can improve on their weaknesses and strengths. Also, they will be able to work on their objectives.

Management team tours

Steve Ritchie highlighted that the firm would develop clear objectives to improve their products and services. The management panel will be touring several areas to gather feedback from its customers about the product. They will also visit the staff and distributors to hear their response. They aim to make better approaches to improving the product and even its features. The team will be clear on its mandate to make sure they have a pleasant communication. Customers are essential people to the firm hence the need for their feedback. They want customers to hold them accountable for the operations which are undertaken in the firm.

His operations

Steve Ritchie promised to be at the forefront of the campaign of the company. The firm outlined that the most important they care about is their customers. They want to retain their trust and are looking forward to earning it back. It is why they are on the road to ensure they connect with customers. He acknowledges that the process will take time to earn their trust. The firm prides itself on its supplements as they know the secret towards making the best product. The executive manager highlighted various activities that they will be undertaking to curb diversity and inclusion. Concentrating on fast adjustment is what the manager is trying to do to secure the firm’s image. He showcased his compassion and openness to the team. It is the way he sees the firm recovering and retaining its form in the market.


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