Boraie Development Ignites New Brunswick’s Real Estate Industry

New Brunswick has a new luxury rental building named The Aspire. Boraie Development is the brains behind the tower located at 135 Somerset St. The residents that are modern design enthusiasts have all the reasons to smile because the doors are open for occupancy. The beauty of the whole issue is that The Aspire comes complete with everything that the tenants would require daily. New Brunswick Station is one of the primary factors making the building worth the cost. Every tenant desires to reside in a place that has access to a reliable and efficient mode of transport

Another good thing about the tower is the availability of health facilities. Saint Peter’s University Hospital is one of the health provider located near the luxurious building. Rutgers University’s Downtown-City Center and Saint Peter’s University Hospital would also have a share of the population designated to hire the tower. The entertainment lovers have access to nightlife hot points, outdoor dining destinations, and other partying clubs surrounding the area. The apartments come in 238 packages of one and two bedroom units with a 24/7 security service at the main entrance. Besides, the occupants have access to gym and yoga services not forgetting the ample bike parking space.

Boraie Development collaborated with Shaquille O’Neal, a veteran NBA player to bring development in Newark, his hometown. The deal involves the construction of a building with 350 units. The proposed project would be set up along 777 McCarter Highway. According to O’Neal, the 35-story building is a part of many good things to come from his side. He announced in another event concerning an investment between him and Boraie Development. The project covers an apartment consisting of 168 units at 1 Rector St. Shaquille has made his mind to bring back development at hometown, Newark and make it a better place.

Boraie Development is a company that has made a name for itself in the real estate industry. The firm has an experienced team that makes it execute Property Management and Real Estate Development services professionally. Besides, the team behind its sales and marketing department offers unmatched services to Boraie’s clients. The company collaborates with likeminded contractors and architectures that have exemplary turnaround time in completing projects. Boraie believes in providing its clients with high-quality properties within the agreed deadlines. The company operates from its headquarters located New Brunswick, New Jersey.

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