Mark Holyoake Raises The Bar With Success Strategies

In business there are those who achieve and those who innovate. Mark Holyoake is one of those rare business leaders who accomplishes both. The owner of Oakvest Holdings recently sat down for an interview with IdeaMensch to share his personal success strategies.


Mark Holyoake’s business experience can be traced to the 1990s when he began making commercial and residential investments. His involvement with one of Iceland’s largest and most successful seafood companies steered Holyoake in the direction of the food sector. Today, Oakvest Holdings continues to focus on food companies and commodities as the company’s primary investment vehicles.


Mark Holyoake’s rise was no accident. As Holyoake explains in his interview with IdeaMensch, success came as a result of applying specific strategies which Holyoake refined and perfected during more than 20 years of active investing. Chief among these is Holyoake’s willingness to work with the best people. He makes a concerted effort to surround himself with industry experts that can impact a company’s performance.


Being willing to share responsibility with others on his team is what Holyoake credits as his most important strategy. Mark believes that this approach empowers team members to give their best effort. It also makes the people who work with Mark Holyoake to feel valued as an integral part of the success of Oakvest Holdings.


Holyoake also stated in the interview that he embraces failure as a learning experience and necessary part of entrepreneurial success. His practice has been to examine his failures for mistakes that he does not wish to repeat. For Holyoake, a constant personal inventory of his own business practices is a key to growth and development. See This Page for additional information.


Many of these ideas are ones that were inspired by Alibaba founder Jack Ma. Mark Holyoake still turns to Ma as a source of encouragement when challenges are presented. It is clear that Mark sees each difficulty as an opportunity to refine his own character.


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