Richard Liu Qiangdong Shines in E-Commerce


Richard Liu Qiangdong is an amazing entrepreneur that many know because of his incredible talents in the E-commerce industry; however, he comes from very humble beginnings. He was born in the town of Suqian. His parents were hard-working coal-shippers in his youth. They encouraged their son to live a life of excellence and taught him the importance of education, being determined and how to be a hard worker.

Richard Liu Qiangdong attended the Peoples’ University of China. He majored in Sociology. He wanted to do other things that would help him to be an even better candidate when it came to future work opportunities, so he learned computer coding and computer science.

After attending college, Richard Liu Qiangdong started a position at Japan Life. Japan Life is a large provider of natural supplements. Liu grew tremendously within the company, and he eventually became the Director of Computers. In 1998, he left the company because he knew it was time to start his entrepreneurial efforts with Jingdong. He rented a small space in Beijing.

He sold magneto-optical products and had amazing success. Over the next couple of years, he turned his one store into a chain of over twelve stores. One of the top reasons why the stores were so successful because of their focus on customer service. Liu Qiangdong also set himself apart by only selling authorized products. Other retailers sold faux products that lacked the quality of the original items.

In 2003, an outbreak of SARS took place in China. This hurt many small businesses. During this time is when the idea to start He wanted to do something different. Richard Liu believed it was time to take everything online. did not just sell ordinary products. They also had luxury products. is now a billion-dollar company and continues to grow yearly.

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s company was the first China company to be traded publicly on the NASDAQ. He continues as the CEO and helps with all daily operations of the company. He has definitely made an impact on China’s e-commerce industry and keeps showing others what is possible.


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