Heather Parry and the Huge Platform of Live Nation Productions

Heather Parry is one of the most established names and most revered names in the game of the production industry. She is well known for her great marketing skills, her organizational skills and her exquisite and unique skill of always making things happen.

Heather Parry

Live Nation along with Live Nation’s Film and Television Division is coming off straight from their great reception of their most recent documentary, Believer, at the Sundance Film Festival. Believer is wtih Imagine Dragon’s Dan Reynolds as he faces his conflicts with his faith as a Mormon, facing the alarming suicide rate in Utah, most specifically with the LGBTQ Community.

Heather Parry punctuates that being the lead singer and the face of Imagine Dragons gives Reynolds a powerful voice to change things and to talk to the church of the Mormons and spark change and allow change. Heat Parry knows that the movie will change and will shake the group of the Sundance Film Festival.

Live Nation Productions also handled the spectacular, Oscar-award winning film A Star Is Born which was directed by Bradley Cooper and is starred mainly by Lady Gaga. This movie has took over the world and has topped charts worldwide.

Live Nation Productions and Heather Perry is also producing After Party featuring French Montana and Wiz Kahlifa.

Live Nation Production is always well known for attacking issues that are deemed quite sensitive for the normal audience’s eyes and ears like LGBTQ issues, terrorism, PTSD, and religion – and they are really not afraid of tackling controversial topics, there is definitely no fear at all. Live Nation Production and Heather Parry are not afraid to use their huge platform to tackle these controversial issues because they know that through their films they are helping the people who can relate to the movie and they are helping spark a conversation about it.

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