Jana Lightspeed: Industry Success and Advancements for Lightspeed Venture

Jana Lightspeed is a professionally educated partner for the offices of Lightspeed Venture and their subsidiaries. When an individual visits a bank, they may need to park their chosen vehicle. When an individual parks their vehicle, they may need to view their rear mirror. When viewing the rear mirror, drivers need to look at the reflection. In order to look at the reflection, drivers must focus their attention on the object. Once the driver is focused on the mirror, they can view if there are any incoming cars. If there is another driver arriving, the initial driver must wait until they have completed their turn.

Jana Lightspeed

Once the driver has checked their rear mirror, they may need to check their side mirrors. In order for a driver to check their side mirror, they will need to look in the direction of the object. If the side mirrors are not easily accessible from the driver’s seat, the driver may not be able to see clearly. Once the driver has located the side mirrors and thoroughly checked their surroundings, they may need to view their front mirror again. Viewing the mirror located at the front of the car allows the driver to view all outside objects that may be obstructing their vehicle. Once all the mirrors have been successfully checked, the diver must begin to park the vehicle in the allowed parking space.

The driver will engage the system in order to maneuver the wheel and the breaks to turn in the correct direction. The driver can turn in the direction the need to in order to park their vehicle safely. Once the vehicle has been parked in accordance with the lines provide, the driver may check to confirm the vehicle is properly turned off.

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