Sharon Prince: The CEO Of Grace Farms Foundation

The Grace Farms Foundation is individual based foundation founded in 2009. It focuses on improving lives by engagement with nature, arts, justice, community as well as faith. The CEO of this organization is Sharon Prince. Under the her management, Sharon Prince Grace Farms achieved its vision in the design of accompanying the river building in 2015.

Grace Farms has developed to become grace and hope place for most people. This foundation has played a major role in contributing to architecture, enabling environmental sustainability and social good. It has received several awards such as the AIA National 2017 Architecture award among others.

While serving at Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon Prince has fought to end misuse of children, violence against women and trafficking of human kind. Through her efforts, her 2016 convening hosted at United Nations University was published to the Security Council of the United Nations. Sharon Prince is also a member of board of unchain-Freedom Needs Fighters. It is an international media campaign to combat current slavery created by the Grace Farms Foundation collaborating with Geometry, a multinational organization chaired by Walter Thompson.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms welcomes visitors from various parts of the world to participate in in various on-set programs. The visitors also have opportunity to learn from leaders from different specialization, mingle with other people from different backgrounds as well as getting closer to the nature. Grace Farms offers several nature-based offerings. The CEO of Grace Farms claims that the main idea of Grace Farms was geared by the land.

After getting enough land for establishment of Grace Farms, Grace Farms’ main goal was to restore the land by creation of nurturing surrounding which boosts indigenous world animals. Also, creation and replacement of native meadows, the inhabitants of grasslands have resumed after having being forgotten of their existence.


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