Mark Holyoake Steps Down From ISI


Iceland Seafood International, or ISI, is the leading company when it comes to seafood in Iceland. They are the largest exporter of their products to large markets all around the globe. They ship all of their products to include fresh, frozen, salted, and dried products.

Recently, Iceland Seafood International has been making some changes. The current CEO Benedikt Svenisson announced he would be stepping down. Because of Svenisson’s departure and new CEO will be brought in. A man named Bjarni Armannsson will be taking our that role. A board member, Mark Holyoake, will also be stepping down from his position.

Mark Holyoake has made a name for himself as a British businessman. He has spent the majority of his career in the real estate industry. Mark entered that arena in the 1990s after he finished his studies at the University of Reading. Holyoake’s main focus when it came to real estate was to purchase, to develop, and to manage residential and commercial properties throughout the United Kingdom.

Another business venture Mark made was to invest in ISI. Mark was the largest shareholder for many years. Even though Mark will no longer be part of Iceland Seafood International, both he and the former CEO, Benedikt Svenisson, both left positive farewell messages for ISI. Both stated how they see a positive path forward for ISI.

With the openings that the ISI board has, a meeting was set up for the beginning of February to find candidates to fill those slots. The chairman of the board position is open and needs to be filled as well.

All companies go through cycles, and ISI is no different. New people and new ideas have been brought in to build a new path forward for the company. ISI has been in business for a long time and has made it a name for itself on the global stage. The current outlook seems like this trend will continue in the years to come.


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