Roseann Bennett Is A Practicing Therapist That Now Incorporates Canine Assisted Therapy


Therapy is becoming increasingly more common nowadays, especially for couples and families. This happens to be Roseann Bennett’s areas of expertise and she has been dedicated to her craft for over a decade. When Roseann started out her career, she worked as an in-home therapist and slowly transitioned over the years to outpatient treatments. Eventually, Roseann started up her very own organization to treat patients, the Center For Assessment and Treatment.

She started her treatment center with her husband in New Jersey, where they are currently open and treating anyone in need regardless of their background. Therapy treatments can be quite expensive, which is why she opened up her facility to everyone, regardless of their financial situations or ability to pay. See This Page for related information.

The Center For Assessment and Treatment is a self-sufficient organization, which is the primary reason Roseann Bennett has been able to run her facility how she feels is most appropriate. As the Executive Director, Bennett takes great care in creating the curriculum at the Center For Assessment and Treatment.

Roseann’s knowledge and years of hands-on experience prepared her well for running the organization and she is always looking to incorporate new techniques and therapeutic activities.

The latest of Roseann’s pursuits for therapy include canines, which accompany her on her sessions. The Center For Assessment and Treatment has a dedicated therapy dog, which they have named Jack. It can be observed all throughout history the special connection that humans have with animals, especially dogs, and this research has come a long way in recent years as scientists explore this connection.

Roseann Bennett has begun “Canine-Assisted Therapy” and she has found it has a positive effect, especially in the right environments. Roseann has noted that dogs can be particularly effective when it comes to family therapy sessions. Children and even adults are more open to speaking about what’s on their mind with a friendly canine in the room.


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