Global Brand Consultant: Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard started working as the manager of Global Sports Marketing and footwear. In 1998 winter Olympics, he offered service to snowboard teams for both America and Canada. These were inclusive of two men who managed to win gold medal for snowboarding. Afterwards he worked for European, Middle East and also Africa as the brand’s director for women and cross. Holding this position, he changed retail sports skills for the women. By his partnership with changers, he managed to build the first women’s retail stores.

Within a period of three years, Steve Lesnard changed brand’s running division to one of the most expanding category. By utilization of technology, mobile-first policies he started new products such as Lunar. He also managed to create a new partnership with Apple company and went further to expand online operating community to over 7 million members.

His desire in various countries and peoples’ way of living in his early life made him to travel in different places while he was still a student. This made him to face different cultures which modified him to study international based profession. Creating global brands may have many opportunities based on personal experiences. Steve Lesnard celebrated the global brand opportunities and working hard in solving challenging which came across.

To bring ideas in life, Steve claims that his ability to reason is run by talking with his teammates. He have trust that great ideas comes from anywhere, and creation and filtering of deas is done by group thinking. From his knowledge, coming up with ideas requires utilization of three main components which includes: the definition of actual idea, knowing the target consumer and elaborated more on good impact on consumer the product will have. Read This Article for more information.

In his advice to young people, Steve Lesnard urges them to work extra hard to reach what they could achieve. If someone have the capability of achieving greatness in life, he should not relax even if he has already achieved what is good in life. He adds that investing in unknowns and taking risk is a way that he has been trying to follow and afterwards he came to rejoice its fruits.


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