How Determination And Big Dreams Helped Turn Richard Liu Qiangdong Into A Billionaire


At the age of 45, Richard Liu Qiangdong has been through it all in terms of entrepreneurship challenges. Born in one of China’s poor provinces, Richard currently a multi-billionaire business owner had a life of difficulties during his childhood but the determination and dreams of a person who saw a bright future ahead of him. Things were so bad for him and his family growing up, that before going to university, they only ate meat once or twice a year. Despite the hard times he underwent, he remained resilient than ever.

While at the university studying for his sociology degree in 1994, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to learn the art of computer programming and coding. Later he began taking on freelance coding jobs and saved enough money to start a restaurant business. Unfortunately, due to his lack of management experience as well as the fact that he was not present full time, money was embezzled by his staff, forcing him to shut it down as well as leaving him in full-blown debt. Go Here to learn more.

Despite this unfortunate turn of events, he was still determined to attain excellence. After Richard Liu Qiangdong’s graduation, he took on plan B by first putting his entrepreneurship dreams on hold and seeking employment. Given his excellent coding skills, it did not take him long to find a job, and Japan Life soon employed him. Here, Richard Liu’s expertise was easily noticeable, a factor that saw him get promoted to the highest rank in the computer department.

During his brief stint as the director of Japan’s life computer department, Richard Liu Qiangdong gradually learned the ropes of leadership, and by the time he left, Richard understood the essence of well-put management structures. This helped set a good foundation for his next business venture and his current position as the CEO of, a market leader in Asia’s e-commerce arena.

After a year at Japan Life, Richard established a small business where he dealt with the sale of computer and magneto products. Due to his previous experience, it did not take him long to expand his business into a brick and mortar 12 chain store business. Unfortunately, his joy did not last long as the SARS epidemic hit, forcing him to close his venture. However, as a man who always has a backup plan, he decided to transform it into an online storefront, a move that marked the birth of


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