Aaron Lupuloff, Vital Efforts To Increase Donor Giving


When Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) announced Aaron Lupuloff as the Senior Director, it marked the beginning of increased fundraising initiatives. The GCPS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, by appointing Lupuloff as its executive leader, this solidified the newly created position. Before hiring Aaron Lupuloff, the GCPS wasn’t seeing the number of donations that they sought to offer for school children.

They were deficits in the funding and the direct needs for “capital and endowment” gifts. So they sought Lupuloff because of his reputation for transparency in his former financial leadership roles. It was widely known that he was instrumental in establishing the Norcross High School Foundation (NHS) and the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board. In a press release acknowledging the appointment, the President of GCPS said, “We are so fortunate to have a person with this type of expertise.”

Prior to becoming a part of public school philanthropy, Lupuloff was with JP Morgan-Bear Stearns for two decades and he came to GCPS fresh from Fifth Third Securities. Lupuloff acquired the bulk of his career experienced as Senior Managing Director for Morgan/Stearns. Lupuloff fulfilled multiple positions with he created the NHS Foundation, he served as the President, Vice President, Treasurer and as an officer of the Booster Club.

Aaron Lupuloff attended the University of Alabama, where he earned his undergraduate degree in Business Administration. His career in financial services started in 1982. From that time forward, Lupuloff and his wife, Jan worked with various areas of philanthropy. Their efforts include volunteering, donating and funds creations for many worthy charities throughout Georgia, including the Camp Twin Lakes, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and Partners Against Domestic Violence. Go Here for related Information.

And in 2011, Aaron and Jan made the NHS Foundation Hall of Fame, for excellence. During the 2018 Gwinnett County Sports Hall of Fame induction dinner, a former business partner of Lupuloff’s at Bear Stearns said that Aaron has helped raise millions of dollars for children in the public school system.


Learn more about him on https://interview.net/es/aaron-lupuloff-gcps-foundation/


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