Victoria Doramus Joins Hand With New York City’s Finest


Victoria Doramus is an experienced professional in the digital and print media industry. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in Journalism. For over a decade her career path has seen her work with companies ranging from Stila cosmetics, mind share and even creative arts agency whereby she specialized in advertising, branding.

Victoria Doremus has also worked with the TV and film industry where she acquired the skill of identifying new and creative ways in matters concerning marketing as well as trend analysis. Its amazing on how she manages to swiftly find a balance in the way she innovatively switches and combines these fields such that there is no field that she can be considered weak in.

In addition to her profession, Victoria Doramus have actually been involving herself charity work, that includes the Amy Winehouse, Room to read, Women’s Prison Association to mention a few where she mostly spends her time in. Being driven by the passion of seeing other people meet their life goals and dreams. she believes that since she has achieved many things in her life, that it is actually possible for other people to meet their life goals too.

In the recent past, Victoria Doramus attended the Hopeland’s annual gala in New York City where she contributed to raising awareness and significance of families living in harmony and being united. She joined hands with some of the New York City finest and most successful people; all with great zeal of bringing separation of a parent from his or her child to an end. There was also so teachings whereby Hopeland shared the mechanism they have put in finding better and most appropriate ways of reuniting families.

She urged those who attended the event that they ought to be doing everything as adults so as to ensure that their children feel safe and loved. Victoria Domarus went on to even express how she was happy to donate to Hopeland all because of the way they show great care for the youth and children. Victoria Doramus concluded by saying that it is the parent’s responsibility to support their children. View Related Info Here.



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