Sharon Prince Continues To Lead A Community Center That Has Become The Heart Of A Vibrant Community

A good community center can be a major gathering point for members of a community to come together for a number of reasons. Whether it is just a place to get away to or a place to go for meetings on issues that face a local community, there are a number of benefits to having a place where community members feel that they can come together in a common and shared space. See This Article to learn more.

Sharon Prince is an entrepreneur who has created such a place with her visionary public space known as Grace Farms. The center is a place where the concept of the community center continues to thrive. Grace Farms sits on protected land and it is a place where faith, community and art all come together with nature to create an aesthetically pleasing space.

Sharon Prince holds the position of President and Chair of Sharon Prince Grace Farms. The facility is open six out of seven days a week. The facility is also notable for being free to the public. The property sits on a beautiful 80-acre plot of land that promotes a feeling of being close to nature. Sharon Prince has taken great effort to collaborate with both public sector groups and private sector groups in order to create a space that stands up for the concept of global change.

Sharon Prince has won many awards for their contribution to social good, environmental sustainability and architecture. Sharon Prince received the “Auburn Seminary’s Lives of Commitment Award” and the “NOMI Network’s Abolitionist Award”.

The Sharon Prince Grace Farms is in the town of New Canaan, Connecticut. The facility is one of Fairfield County’s biggest spaces as far as open areas that are available for use by the public.

Sharon Prince first started Grace Farms up during the 2007 calendar year. The goal from the beginning was to preserve a beautiful and unique piece of land and make it possible for many future generations to enjoy it.

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