Why Jingdong Decided To Work With Rakuten Incorporated


JD.com or Jingodong Mall, and Rakuten Incorporated(Rakuten) are two companies that plan to improve the delivery system solution for Japan.

Jingdong is the largest retailer in China and Rakuten is one of the better e-commerce companies in the world. Rakuten will supply expertise using a drone delivery system while JD.com will supply drones to help create a delivery solution that would be unmanned. Both companies will be able to handle a variety of situations.

Jingdong will be able to take advantage of the knowledge provided by Rakuten regarding the unmanned delivery system. Jingdong Mall has a delivery system that is able to service most of China. Jingdong has drones along with UGVs to make deliveries. JD.com has been working with drones as far back as 2015, but it made its first delivery to the rural area of China by 2016. Jingdong has been able to amass over 400,000 minutes of flight time with their drones.

In 2019, Jingdong may have helped themselves for future drone use in Indonesia and Southwest Asia when they were able to get the government Indonesia to sanction a test flight with a drone. Visit This Page for more information.

JD.com use of delivery robots for ground delivery has become a popular method of delivery in the cities of China. Jingdong Mall has set up smart delivery stations in the cities, Changsha and Hohhot. The smart delivery stations helped Jingdong speed up deliveries. Jingdong has nearly two years of experience making real deliveries with drones in China. Drones will have several opportunities to deliver in Japan due in part to the mountainous areas and remote Islands.

JD.com believes by improving the technology of the drone delivery system it could be beneficial to people worldwide. Jingdong and Rakuten will help Rakuten’s unmanned delivery system and it will make it more convenient for people. The delivery system may also be useful if there was ever a need for humanitarian support.


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