Steve Lesnard Tips On Capitalizing On The Internet As A Marketing Platform


One of the trends that have revolutionized the world of marketing is the internet.

Steve Lesnard is an expert in marketing, has dedicated his time to understand how companies can capitalize on this trend. His main target in this change is ‘how to understand the modern consumer in terms of how they view products and ideas. He also marketed for Nike as the Global Sports Marketing and Footwear product manager. Steve Lesnard was also the North America Marketing Director at Wolford where he led the Marketing strategy for the launch of Wolford in North America.

The most important thing about modern consumers is that they are simple. Steve Lesnard believes that the simpler the product, the more they can relate with it. Unlike the traditional approach of marketing and advertising, where a complex approach to marketing helped the product to look sophisticated, Lesnard points out that that approach is not viable in this era. He, therefore, point that for companies to sell their products and services, they should understand that complication is not a viable approach to marketing.

However, simple concepts do not mean that the product is of low quality. Low-quality products are not synonymous with simple products. In the technology world, for example, manufacturers are investing billions of dollars to simplify products without losing their quality. According to Steve Lesnard, companies in the 21 Century should embrace this same approach. Go Here to learn more.

In the early days of Apple, their best selling product at that time was an iPod. Lesnard points out that the product answered some important questions, especially on simplicity and reliability. He attributes the sales of this product on simplicity but more importantly the fact that the product was memorable.

Apart from making products simple, Steve Lesnard points out that the products should fit in the market. The modern consumer is willing to spend a lot of their money on a product that looks good on them. Does your product answer this question on the look? There are different ways to ensure that your product looks good on the consumer.

First, Lesnard points out that doing background research on the product is one of the best ways to understand the consumer. Steve Lesnard gives an example of an Apple Watch. Although there are many and cheaper alternatives, the company answers the question of ‘how good the product looks on them’. If the same approach is applied in modern business, making huge sales is not farfetched.






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