JD.com Expands Its Drone-Delivery Operation


The future of parcel delivery may be getting a huge boost over in China. JD.com or Jingdong Mall, China’s largest retailer, received government approval for a drone delivery in Southeast Asia. The test flight occurred on January 8th of this year. The success of this flight could very well open the door to commercial use for drones in Indonesia. Amazon already broached the commercial drone idea in 2013, but so far it has not gone anywhere stateside due to federal regulations. However, if drone delivery is successful in Indonesia it may just prompt some changes for the U.S.

Formerly known as 360buy, then Jingdong Mall, JD.com was founded in 1998 as a standard retail platform. The business went online in 2004 and that is when its success story really began. Jingdong currently serves multiple countries, has investments in several companies, and is known for its innovative drone use. JD.com is the world’s leading company in the use of drones for commercial delivery as well as autonomous tech and robotics. It is a prime example of what the future of modern product manufacture may look like. JD.com has been utilizing drones for some time in China and other regions, but this will be its first outing in Indonesia.

Jingdong was instrumental in bringing its high quality form of e-commerce to Indonesia. So far its joint operation has a logistics network of ten warehouses spread out over seven islands. These locations cover around 483 cities and about 6,500 counties.

The network is provided by JD.ID, Jingdong’s joint venture partner. The use of drones is a great development for Indonesia as the country is spread out across islands. As traditional means of product delivery require a much larger scale drone implementation is ideal. Citizens of Indonesia will finally have a workable solution to e-commerce delivery and logistic-based services.

Hopefully the development will have good ramifications for Indonesia as well as the future of commercial drone usage everywhere. It has certainly worked for Jingdong so far. The network is setup for full operation as soon as the initial trial run is completed and the Indonesian government approves the rest of the project. Go Here to learn more.


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