Dermatology Expert And Treasure Coast Dermatology Founder, Dr. Tim Ioannides


Tim Ioannides, a trusted dermatologist within the Treasure Coast, not only practices this medical profession but has also stepped into the business of providing skin care services to the residents of Treasure Coast. His vast level of experience coupled with good customer service and smart business decisions has also made him the trusted skincare expert within the area and has helped him to grow his business such that it also operates in several other locations.

Education has played an important part in his career as he studied medicine in Miami University whereby he graduated with a degree in medicine. He went further to work as an intern in Florida University and later as a resident in the dermatology wing of several medical institutions.

Dr. Tim Ioannides specializes in treatment of skin care conditions which require medical care such as skin based cancer diseases. His passion in skincare came after he finished his residency program. After working as a private practitioner for a while, Dr. Ioannides went ahead to establish his own venture so as to provide skin based medical services to the people of Treasure Coast.

Dr. Tim Ioannides has earned exemplary rewards from his education and has also been registered with various dermatology bodies and societies within the United States of America. He has also taken part in carrying out research for developing a vaccine for skin cancer.

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According to Dr. Ioannides, meeting each patient individually whenever they visit has helped him to understand better the patients’ problems and form a relationship with them based on trust. This contributes to one of his organization’s goal which is to assist patients any way they can through expertise. See This Page for more information.

One of the practices, according to Dr. Ioannides, that has helped him be more productive in his business is that he prefers meeting the patient rather than making use of past computerized medical records since it helps one to assess the patient much better than when making use of records on the computer.



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