Sandy Chin Education Project

Ms. Sandy Chin is well known for her skills in the investment field. She is devoted to serving as the chief Investment officer as well as the portfolio Manager of Tidal Bore Capital. She is dedicated to promoting the company to great heights by providing new strategies that aim at helping their clients understand the right investment path to follow if they want to be successful. She has tones of experience serving numerous companies. Before joining Tidal Bore Capital, Ms. Chin had secured a job at Visium Asset Management serving as the portfolio manager. In March 2014, she ventured into pharmaceutical stocks. She was the senior Analyst S.A.S. Ms. Chin has also served as the Vice president of Neuberger Berman LLC gaining more experience as a leader and managing many projects of the company. Later she joined Donaldson Lufkin and Jenrette International. Also, she has also served in the Bank of America Corporation.


Sandy Chin has earned portfolio management skills that enable her to plan her projects strategically to become successful. According to, as an analyst, Sandy Chin identified the gap in PS11 an elementary school based on the West Side in New York. She realized that there were inadequate learning materials for the students hence she took action without hesitation. This public elementary school serves a wide range of students despite their background financial status. Sandy Chin researched and came up with the solution to provide books for the students to use over the summer season. Previously, students did not read during the summer season due to lack of reference materials; some fail to understand as they have no motivation to read. Students break for almost three months, and this is a long time to forget what they learn if they do not refer to their books.


Although many people have taken the initiative to open libraries, most parents do not find it necessary to pay money for their children to go to the library. Chin together with other volunteers formulated a program to collect used up books from members of the community and give them for free to the PS11 students. Each kindergarten Student was provided with books to use at home.


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