Igor Cornelsen Success in the Investment Industry

Igor Cornelsen is a popular businessman in Brazil. He has more than three decades of experience having worked with various organizations on investing as well as resolving economic issues that are associated with the major banks in the country. He has a reputation for developing business capabilities that have proved financially benefiting to those interested in investing through the banking industry.

He has created a successful investment career, especially in real estate investing. Cornelsen is a good investment advisor that is severally sought out by various organizations to offer insight on long-term investments within the volatile markets. His birth was in 1947 in Brazil and attended the University of Parana when he was just 18 years old to study engineering. At this time it was the only institution offering engineering degree in the state of Parana. After two years of study, Igor Cornelsen decided to switch to Economics. His education background was the influencing factor to his decision to enter in the banking and investment sectors.

After completing his studies in 1970, he got his first job at Multibanco, which was an investment firm. He was able to secure this job because he was highly skilled in calculations. Within a few years, Igor Cornelsen was one of the most valued investment bankers in the firm. By 1974, he was appointed as a board member and after two years, he became the company’s CEO.

After the acquisition of the investment firm by the Bank of America in 1978, he moved to another investment firm called Unibanco. He worked in the company for seven years and in the years that followed he worked for other firms such as Libra Bank PLC and Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. In 1995 he left the world of employment to run his own investment company. He has grown as a successful investor by utilizing a dispassionate angle when making investment decisions.

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