JD.com Reaches Out To Left Behind Children


JD.com has been and still is reaching out to China’s left-behind and disadvantaged children. They created a program before the New Year called a “Season of Giving”. During this time, JD.com partnered with consumer brands in order to bring goods to disadvantaged children.

Adults in China have been quickly moving from rural areas seeking employment and having to leave their children behind for the Grandparents to raise. Thus creating the left-behind children and often leaving them at a disadvantage. This number is on the decline, but there are still millions of these needy children.

Jingdong’s charitable foundation JD Foundation joined together with Wardrobe of Love to provide help to these children in rural provinces such as Heibei and Yunnan. With over 1500 brands participating they are donating .1% from each sell. These specific donations are going to help children in very remote and cold areas. They have raised over $700,000 since August. This has allowed over 30,000 items to be delivered to remote schools for the needy children. JD.com has delivered clothing items, schoolbags and books.

Helping children left-behind is just one of the ways they have found to help. They have also been donation scholarships to Renmin University and Tsinghua University. For the past two years this has allowed students from low-income families to study at some of the best universities. Since the beginning Jingdong has felt responsible to use their advantages to give back to the community. They are also including their partners and brands to join them in the fight to help others. Read This Article to learn more.

JD.com, Chinas largest retailer wants to use their position to help children and students in need. With the help of Wardrobe of Love and global brands they are doing exactly what they set out to do.


Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/jdcom-opens-institute-for-building-smart-cities-with-blockchain-and-ai

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