How Plans To De-Congest The Urban Network

In the smart cities of China,, also known, the largest e-commerce retailers are opening research centers to develop automation technology. One such center will be set up in Xiongnu. The plan’s announcement took place on October I8 during the Jingdong Logistics’ “Global Smart Supply Chain Summit of 2018”. The strategies outlined during the summit included the opening of big data and cloud computing systems, urban logistics top-level design systems and opening urban logistics hubs to name but a few.


The institute-founding members included the Maritime University of Shanghai, University of Nankai, the National Development’s Institute of Comprehensive Transportation, and Reform Commission. Others were Wuzi University and Jiaotong University both from Beijing, Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute, and from Sinotrans & CSC. Find Additional Information Here.


It is estimated that most freight vehicles contribute too much in the urban traffic emissions and occupies up to one-third of the road at any given time. In that connection, the institute would be obligated to review the integrated municipal pipe corridors, underground logistic networks and the use of subterranean tracks. The research would help in working on ways of opening the above-ground space occupied by ordinary logistic systems thus ensuring clear urban logistics and the daily life free from disruptions.


During the “Global Smart Supply Chain Summit” in Beijing of 2018, Chen Xiangsheng, the Director of the Chinese Academy of Engineering at the Institute’s launch said that mostly, only the smart cities maximize the available resources and space. He added that the implementation of the underground utilization project would save space and solve traffic and environmental problems.


Jingdong is the world’s largest e-commerce company and the only one in China to make deliveries to the customers’ doorsteps. It’s also the first company to do deliveries using drones and the first to have an automated fulfillment center. believes that there are many unexploited technology opportunities in the market of lowering operation costs, minimize energy usage, and promise faster speed and acceleration. Jingdong Logistics Chief Executive Officer pointed out that the company established the “Urban Smart Logistics Institute” because of its commitment to revolutionize the society and global commerce. The Institute ensures the adequate utilization of available urban center spaces and disruptions minimized.


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