Interview With Richard Liu Qiangdong


In his interview at the World Economic Forum annual meeting, in an interview titled “An Idea, An Insight”, Mr Richard Liu began by talking about where his company’s name came from and why his first business failed. He then talked about his later businesses and how he responded to the SARS epidemic that hit. He mentioned that one of his managers suggested closing the main shop and moving the business online where people could shop without the chance of either being infected by SARS or spreading it.

Richard Liu Qiangdong later discussed how online shopping was better for everyone involved and how well his company is currently doing. Liu talked about how efficient his company is in delivering items across China while it can take several days to deliver an item overseas. Richard Liu also discussed how his typical day goes and how the Chinese economy is doing right now. He mentioned that China had rapid growth previously and how his business is trying to adapt to a slowing economy.

Richard Liu Qiangdong wanted to be the best retailer in the world and better than Walmart. He brings up concerns with protectionism in the United States and his desire to have president Trump purchase an item of his. He wrapped up his interview by mentioning his interests and what he plans to do in the future.

Richard Liu graduated from China’s Renmin University in 1996 with a sociology degree. He spent the first two years of his post-college years working for Japan Life. In 1998, Richard Liu Qiangdong started his own business and focused on that for a number of years until the outbreak of SARS forced him to focus on online shopping. The owner of WeChat purchased a 15% share in, Richard Liu’s company. Now WeChat has featured on its website with a number of active users approaching one billion per month. Go To This Page to learn more. entered the NASDAQ in 2014 and is estimated to be worth around $44 billion. Currently Mr Richard Liu Qiangdong is considered something of an internet celebrity in China and is believed to have a rather strong personality.


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