From A Solder To An Assistant Professor: The Story Of Anthony Constantinou


Anthony Constantinou has attracted the attention of academics and organizations for his efforts to use artificial intelligence to change things work. The lecturer and assistant professor at Queen Mary University of London specializes on Machine Learning and Data Mining. He heads the Bayesian Artificial Intelligence at the University.

Anthony Constantinou began his career in artificial intelligence in the University of Hertfordshire where he earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science, majoring on artificial intelligence. He advanced his education by getting a Master of Science degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Hertfordshire. In 2009, he started working at the Queen Mary University of London as a teaching assistant. Constantinou taught software engineering, procedural programming as well as software risk management at the time.

He advanced his education further by enrolling for Ph.D. studies. His Ph.D. studies were fully sponsored by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). While studying, he advanced his expertise in artificial intelligence further and his research interests included risk assessment, prediction as well as decision-making. He graduated in 2012 and consequently, he became a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow.

As a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Anthony Contantinou’s research is on Bayesian networks in various health sectors. He looks to promote evidence-based decision-making through his ERC project.

Prior to enrolling for his bachelor’s degree, he joined Greek Cypriot National as a solder. After two years, he moved to AgenaRisk and served as an intern and later promoted to the position of an associate consultant. Anthony Constantinou works part-time as a consultant in rating and Bayern networks.

Currently, his research interests include Bayesian Artificial Intelligence For Casual Discovery as well as intelligent decision-making at the face of uncertainty. He is looking for support from academics and organizations to combine effort with and advance the research in the areas. He anticipates to make it applicable to many fields including sports, gaming, finance, medicine and economics.


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