Gregory Aziz Made Some Impressive Things Happen When He Acquired National Steel Car


The railroad industry was one of the world’s largest and most successful sources of revenue for a long time. There was a point in time where a large percentage of the shipping done in the United States and Canada was all accomplished by train. This was a similar fact across the world. It was into this environment that Canada’s National Steel Car was born in the early part of the Twentieth-Century. The firm quickly rose to prominence in the railway manufacturing industry, specializing in freight cars. The company became one of the world’s largest of its type in short order. As the Twentieth-Century rolled on and the overall role of the railway industry diminished, National Steel Car saw a slow down in business and a major shift in the firm’s overall footprint. This was the situation that the company was in when Gregory James Aziz took control of it back in 1994.

1Gregory J Aziz is a Canadian entrepreneur who grew up in the province of Ontario. He pursued his college studies in his home province of Ontario as well before setting out on his life’s journey in business. This long and successful journey started with Greg James Aziz plying his entrepreneurial craft in the food industry. Affiliated Foods was a Canadian food wholesaler that Greg Aziz had family ties with. During his time there he worked hard to build the brand and help the company to increase its overall reach in distribution.

Greg Aziz also had a second career working in finance. In order to be in the heart of the action, he relocated to New York City during this time period of his life. By 1994, James’ successes in finance and investment banking had allowed him to be able to pull off the acquisition of a company from back in his home state of Ontario. This was of course National Steel Car. Greg’s next project was to revive the once mighty railroad manufacturer and bring it back to past form. In the railroad climate of the late Twentieth-Century, this was going to take some unique and innovative thinking, but Gregory James Aziz was confident he could accomplish the goal.

Greg Aziz thought on the matter and decided the best course of action to revive the fortunes at Steel Car was to increase the overall workforce and let this larger workforce focus on making a large amount of production on the innovative designs being created by the company’s engineers. The success has led to a renaissance at National Steel Car that has come to define Greg Aziz.

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