Gregory Aziz,Leader Of The Railcar Industry


For nearly one-hundred years National Steel Car has remained the leading railroad freight and tank car manufacturer in Northern America. The company has a reputation for its efficiency and reliability. They continue to be ranked number one in the railcar industry and continue to produce the highest quality railcars in the world.

Chief Executive Officer Gregory James Aziz has led the company to receive numerous awards. In 2015 they again received the prestigious TTX SECO Award by the TTX Company’s Supplier Evaluation Committee. The Committee’s job is to measure the performance of a supplier of a product or service. Their job is also to promote and maintain a positive working environment. Companies are rated on their quality, cost, delivery and management. This is why National Steel Car continues to receive this award every year. National Steel Car is the only ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified rail car company in the world.

National Steel Car has continued to grow. They employ over two-thousand employees. Since Gregory Aziz’s involvement with the company, the company has grown significantly; they now employ over two-thousand people, with annual revenue of nearly one-billion dollars. Gregory James Aziz is also chairman of National Industries. Mr. Aziz also has a passion for protecting the environment. The company has been able to reduce gas emissions produced by their cars; he has been able to lower them by ninety percent. This increases their production speed and efficiency. He also introduced regulations for a new generation of rail cars, this helps provide their clients safer transportation of flammable liquids. In addition to this, he has also continued to set in place regulations to make the railcar industry safer. These measures have reduced railcar accidents and injuries significantly.

In 1999 Canadian Potash Exporter Canpotex hired National Steel Car to produce 700 new rail cars. Since then, they have selected National Steel Car to produce over seven-thousand rail cars. Canpotex currently controls over seventy percent of the world’s potash exports. Canpotex ships nearly 10 million tons per year. These custom designed rail cars are made specifically for their client’s needs. Get Additional Information Here.

Greg James Aziz was born in Ontario, Canada in 1949. After college, he relocated to New York, and started his career as an investment banker. When he acquired National Steel Car in 1994, the company was failing; there performance was in a steady decline. Since his involvement, Gregory James Aziz has been able to increase their workforce by twenty-five-hundred employees. Currently National Steel Car produces over twelve-thousand rail cars a year.

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