Lori Senecal, Global CEO of CP+B, is Set to Step Down at the End of the Year.

Lori Senecal is set to quit her role as the CP+B Global CEO at the end of the year. She took over the role of the CEO of CP+B, which is an affiliate of the MDC in March 2015. Before she became the CEO of this firm, she worked as the president and the CEO of the MDC affiliate network. However, she went on to hold this position even after joining the CP+B as the CEO.




In her capacity, Lori Senecal has played a significant role, which has helped the CP+B agency to emerge as a global leader with the skill and flexibility of a entrepreneur startup. Some of the most stunning highlights for the CP+B agency under the management of Senecal include landing American airline in 2015. Importantly, her two years services at this agency will always be remembered and particularly for the American airlines win.




Lori Senecal – Global CEO, Crispin Porter + Bogusky




Lori has a wealth of knowledge in marketing, and advertising and she is known for her established personalities. As such, she is a pioneer in matters pertaining development of innovative public relations. She is a specialist in the pioneering technology, which is a reliable solution to various business issues. To this end, her credibility, particularly in the advertising industry, encouraged her choice as the CEO of the CP+B (Bogusky+ Crispin). Senecal is the former chairperson of the KBS. Her colleagues describe her as a devoted person who does not dwell in the comfort zone. For more details visit LinkedIn.




Know about Lori Senecal




Lori Senecal went to McGill University where she earned her first degree. She served as the president of the McCann Erickson in the New York office. In this position, she helped various companies like Xbox and Coca-Cola to come up with successful public relation campaigns. She advocates that a good marketing strategy is similar to having an outstanding style. Lori’s contributions in various ad-marketing strategies for established companies like BMW, American express HomeGoods, Victoria secret pink, vanguard and boar’s head have help Lori to become a remarkable worldwide branding queen she is today.


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