Meet Trabuco Bradesco Who Has Made This Bank What It Is Today

     Bradesco Bank is generally one of the largest banks in Brazil where it has been enjoying dominance in the Brazilian banking industry until the economic and political crises shown up. This affected the bank and consequently its services and there was a need for a great performer who can transform and restore the dominance of the bank.

There could not be a more visible and well-performing individual as Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi who was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco Bank in 2009. He brought his vast experience in the financial industry amounting to 40 years into Bradesco executive level.

Trabuco Bradesco started his career from a very humble ground as a clerk in the bank. Through his commitment and diligence, he rose from one position to another. As a matter of fact, he is well versed with almost every leadership level in various departments in the bank. This placed him at a better place to understand various operations in the bank than many employees at Bradesco.

As the mantra of the bank is, Trabuco Bradesco matched it perfectly well with his continuity and renewal in every department he worked in. His presidency could also have been contributed by his strong leadership and outstanding analytical skills that he demonstrated while working at the insurance division in the bank.

He worked in the insurance department for more than 4 years in a period where the economic situation was very shaky due to political crises. Nevertheless, Trabuco Bradesco ensured that the bank maintained its position and had a steady grip on its market. This made him be named as the Insurance Personality of the Year 2003 and 2007.

Of course, his appointment at Bradesco bank was in the midst of challenges that he had to bring solutions to and ensure the bank is on its feet again. Despite the economic instability, Trabuco Bradesco had to overcome the actions of their competitors who were making the bank lose confidence in the midst of its customers.

Through well-calculated moves, this CEO enabled the bank to acquire HSBC branch for $5.2 billion which placed the bank back to its Brazilian market dominance. The bank beat its competitors in its asset base, networks, and customer base. His unparalleled skills in Bradesco have made him a Brazilian household name, no wonder he is called Trabuco Bradesco.

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