Talkspace Adding Online Therapy and How Michael Phelps Benefitted From Therapy

Michael Phelps has let people know that no one is immune to mental health struggles. With his struggle with depression and anxiety, he has been inspired to help bring awareness of therapy to people. He has also inspired to not only help increase the awareness of therapy for people, but also increase the availability of therapy for people who need it. One of the ways that availability for therapy is increasing is through Talkspace. They have offered people ways to get therapy without having to go to an office. One form of therapy is the type of therapy that is received through texting.

Talkspace has recently partnered with a therapy provider in order to help them with their offerings for therapy. The name of the therapy provider is New Directions. They have been very effective with their therapy. However, they have been hoping to find more ways to reach more people. Talkspace has suggested to add online therapy to what they have to offer. One of the reasons that online therapy was recommended is that it brings convenience to getting help. People do not have to travel in order to get the help they need. They can get it online or through their mobile phones.

There are tons of people who are struggling with their mental health. Therefore, there is a need for therapy in many different forms. Not everyone is going to have the ability to sit in the office of a therapist. The online therapy aspect of Talkspace is one of the biggest solutions to the issue that people can look to. It is a lot easier to set up a time and place for online therapy. Talkspace is very helpful when it comes to dealing with the different forms of depression as well as all forms of anxiety.

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