Learning About Southridge Capital And Its Founder’s Background

Over the past 22 years, Southridge Capital has put away just short of $2 billion of investments in both established and emerging corporations, practices, companies, and businesses across the world. Spread across some 250 public companies – those organizations so large they sell stock to investors to help grow their operations – Southridge Capital and sole founder Stephen M. Hicks have earned countless tens of millions of dollars in returns for their high-value investors.


What exactly does Southridge Capital do?


The company – legally titled Southridge Capital LLC – splits its operations into two parts: structured financial investing and advising.


Southridge Capital’s three main services as part of structured financial investing include securitization, or innovative ways of obtaining financing to scale, fund operations, or otherwise fund a company’s growth; boosting creditworthiness of corporate clients, channeled primarily through paying all debts possible with both common and preferred stock shares; and sourcing financing, mainly done through Southridge Capital’s go-to, signature financial move – seeking out equity purchase agreements.


While most financial services providers are geared towards individuals, couples, and households seeking personal investment management advice, Southridge only offers its services to corporate clients. As far as advisory consulting is concerned, Mr. Stephen Smith’s company offers general corporate advice such as debt-to-equity restructuring, optimizing balance sheet positions, analyzing companies’ financial positions, gearing up for acquisitions and mergers, and other generic-yet-top-notch large business financial advice. Check out scribd.com



Mr. Stephen M. Smith created the company on his own dime – here’s a taste of Mr. Smith


Stephen Smith was born and raised in New York, where he’d later attend King’s College and Fordham University, in that order, for a BS in business administration and a general MBA, respectively. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Mr. Smith then worked for an objectively small – though that doesn’t mean the company wasn’t successful – investment firm in New York for roughly a decade. Having gathered significant experience while working for the hedge fund, he decided to start his own firm – though he hadn’t decided yet, he knew he wanted to found a financial services provider. Soon enough, he’d become self-employed and steadily grow Southridge Capital significantly.



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