Traits Leading to the Success of Jose Hawilla

Jose Hawilla is among the most successful business persons in Brazil. He is in the sports advertising sector. He is the owner of the Traffic Group, and he has propelled it to greater heights over the years. There are certain traits that people like Jose Hawilla possess that make them acquire the kind of success they have. Here are some of the traits;

Clear Vision

You got to know what you are fighting to achieve. This calls for you to set up clear goals and vision of what you want to achieve. Always keep the end in your mind. Remembering what it will be like to get there gives you a reason to wake up every day and work even when you do not feel like doing it.

Learn from Your Mistakes

No one is perfect, at some point you will make a mistake that will cost you a whole fortune. However, you can not dwell on the mistake and complain about it every day.

Learn to view your mistakes positively. See it as another way of learning something new to propel you in your business. To see more visit



Risk Taker

As an entrepreneur, you can’t be in a protected shell at any moment. You got to get yourself out there and try new things. In other words, you got to be a risk taker.

Take calculated risks and try that idea you have meant to try but have been too afraid to try out.


Entrepreneurs are people who happen to have new ideas on a daily basis. This is a good thing, but if not handled carefully it may be the source of your destruction.

Avoid the temptation of putting aside one idea to evaluate another that just came up that seems to have more returns.

Focus on your goals and implement one idea to the end before moving on to something new.

Seek Advice from Others

People have different views on all subject matters. It is important to seek advice from other investors and learn from them.

Listening to other people gives you a chance to hear different ideas, which in turn makes you creative. You can checkout to see more.


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