The Leadership Of Gregory Aziz In National Steel Car Company

With more than a century-long in the manufacturing of quality products, National Steel Car has earned an iconic position amongst the businesses in the Northern America. The company’s remarkable reputation comes from its ability to provide the consumers with high-quality standards of railroad freight cars. Since its foundation in 1912 as Imperial Steel Car Inc, National Steel Car has continued to design and manufacture freight cars that meet the needs of the consumers. Their continuous improvement of the products is one the factors that have made them outdo the massive competition.


The founding of the National Steel Car is considered a national treasure today. The firm was established in a period when the railroad industry was mostly used. This, therefore, means that, during this time, the company had a booming business. National Steel Car became well known for the excellent engineering and manufacturing of these products. It had its rolling stock being sold in the whole of Canada and shipping are being made to the other parts of America. See This Page for additional information.


Even though the company has greatly succeeded in the industry, the journey has not been a walk in the park. National Steel Car was affected by the economic depression. During this time, the company faced drastic changes due to the limited number of sales they were making.


What rescued the company is the ability to diverse and adapt to the new changes that were prevailing in the industry. National Steel Car started engaging in making bus bodies and boat shells so that to keep the company afloat. After the economic depression was over, the company started growing.


Over the years, National Steel Car has been running under different leaders until now when it is under the care of Gregory James Aziz.

Aziz has a degree in the field of Economics. In addition to this, he also had more than sixteen years’ experience before engaging in the running of National Steel Car. James Aziz was enthusiastic about getting the business because of the potential that he had seen in the business.

Gregory James Aziz is regarded as one of the most successful leaders in the field of business as he managed to change the face of National Steel Car.




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