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Dick DeVos has been one of the most recognized businessman for over two decades. As the CEO of Amway for many years, DeVos knows how to make strong business connections and bring in new sales. His work within Grand Rapids and the Gerald R. Ford Airport has also recently come into focus as he accepts a new appointment to the FAA’s Management Advisory Council.


The Federal Aviation Administration announced the appointment in September 2017. To those who know DeVos, it’s not a surprise. The former Amway CEO and current CEO of The Windquest Group has always had a passion for aviation. He even founded an aviation charter school on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation.


Over the years, Dick has played a major role in the development and expansion of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport as well. He helped to bring in new flights in the early 2000s, expanding Air Tran Airways terminals so that passengers could book flights for new destinations. These included Orlando, Denver, St. Louis, and Vegas.


Over the years, he also worked within his business circle to help the airport keep terminals when they may have been shut down to lack of traffic. For example, Southwest CEO agreed to keep terminals during the takeover of Air Tran Airways even when other airports were shuttering the terminals.


Many also know Dick from his political aspirations. He has always been a supporter of educational choice and has worked with his wife to bring legislation to Michigan Congress. He even ran for governor in 2006. However, his business leadership is more legendary. With over 20 years working for Amway and now working for his own startup firm, DeVos has the experience of a talented communicator and has worked with airline executives in the past to create incredible opportunities.


For example, the latest renovation of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport will be completed this year. The expansion came after many years of work connecting airlines with the idea of renovation. The newly expanded airport will have a new food court area, business traveler center, and upgraded terminals.


The airport has been one of DeVos’ main projects for many years. He has consistently supported the airport in growth and education, providing mentorship to students at the aviation charter school on the airport grounds. Students are able to learn about the aviation world as well as become pilots. Many students go on to be pilots after graduating.


The Management Advisory Council will meet once every three months to give their ideas to the FAA and guide them on policies, regulations, budgets, and future growth ideas. DeVos has experience connecting businesses to solutions. The council is made up of former airline executives, policymakers, and former transportation officials.


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