Samuel Strauch Leading Miami Real Estate In a New Direction with Metrik Real Estate

     Samuel Strauch is the Principal at Metrik Real Estate where he began work after he graduated with a business degree from Hofstra University in New York. Strauch also studied at both Erasmus University in Rotterdam and also at Harvard University. Samuel Strauch’s company, which started in 2002 has continued to grow to this very day. Strauch specializes in successful integrations of platforms into complementary enterprises in equity sourcing, acquisitions, development, management, and brokering deals in real estate in Southern Florida and also in Latin America.

Samuel Strauch also takes avid interests in other things such as the inner workings of the Internet and businesses. He is also an avid art and photography enthusiast. Strauch was really inspired when he went to Miami and saw the real estate development progress that was going on there and all the new projects that were spouting up. Strauch really wanted to bring clients and this entire metropolis idea on a beach together to make it the best idea he possibly could to develop his own business concept.

As of today, Samuel Strauch has been living in Miami for about 15 years, and the company he has developed working in real estate there has been inspired by where he lives, what he has seen, and what he envisions a metropolis on the beach to be able to be. When Strauch got to Miami it was only beginning to turn into the full-fledged metropolis its turned into today, and it’s still growing at an astonishing rate. It was a great opportunity for Strauch to establish a thriving real estate business in that growing and expanding the market.

Samuel Strauch also states that the real estate business is a constantly evolving business, and you have to be evaluating the business as it changes all the time. Metrik is currently evaluating where it should go tin the future, but it’s constantly changing as to what the real estate market is big into next. The unpredictability keeps it interesting to Strauch who is constantly still, even at this point in his career learning new things and learning more about what real estate entails. He loves that learning aspect and feels he can never learn everything there is to know to keep the business on the right path. That thirst for knowledge has gotten him where he is today and will get him where he wants to go tomorrow.

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