Ex-Marine, Businessman And Former Missouri Police Officer Ronald Fowlkes

Gulf War veteran Ronald Fowlkes joined the US Marine Corps at the age of 17 and served his tour of duty between the years of 1989 and 1993. While he was deployed, he received extensive tactical training and gained a great deal of knowledge about the importance of having good tactical gear. His vast experience in the military field as a soldier and a contractor for the Department of Defense, qualified him for work in law enforcement, an industry he was a part of for a total of 13 years in both the St. Louis, Missouri Metro Police Department, where he held the position of Police Officer for 10 years, and the St. Louis County Police Department, where he was employed for 3 years.


While working with the U.S. government’s defense department as a contractor in the country of Iraq, Ronald Fowlkes assisted members of the military who were in combat zones with operations that include hostage rescue, evidence collection and post-bombing analysis, among other duties. Because of the time he spent serving his country in these types of scenarios, he later developed a big interest in designing high quality security gear for military enlistees and those in law enforcement. He became the co-owner and the Director of Business Development of a company called FirstSpear, a seller of tactical products. Some of his responsibilities within the company are to contact customers all over the country who may be interested in their merchandise, and to educate his nearly 150 salespeople about the various products the company offers.


Ronald Fowlkes is also the Business Manager of Eagle Industries, which also specializes in law enforcement equipment, as well as commercial products. The experienced executive stated that he feels business people should be customer-focused in order to achieve financial growth. He says that when it comes to how he runs his companies, he believes in going the extra mile for his customers. When he is not hard at work, he enjoys indulging in one of his favorite sports, hockey. Being that he is an avid fan of the sport, he coaches his son’s little league team in his spare time, and he writes a blog that focuses on team members and issues within the National Hockey League.


Having served in the protective forces and become a top executive for military gear companies, Ronald Fowlkes has an impressive work history, and he says that one book he’d recommend anyone to read would be Lone Survivor, which was written by Marcus Luttrell. The reason he gave for recommending this particular book was that he thinks it gives people a good idea about the kinds of sacrifices that are made for the freedoms that many take for granted.


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