The Growth of National Steel Car Under Gregory Aziz

Gregory James Aziz has been a staple of the fabric at National Steel Car for over two decades. The company is a global leader in the production of steel railway freight cars and also holds the prestigious title of being the largest manufacturer in all of North America. He has been with the company since 1994. He came to the company under interesting circumstances. Prior to coming to work at National Steel Car, he was working in the fast-paced world of investment banking in New York City. He just happened to be assigned to manage the purchase of National Steel Car. The company was going through the process of purchasing it back from another owner and he was assigned to manage the deal. The deal was a massive success and Gregory James Aziz sparked interest from the management at National Steel Car due to the fact that he managed the deal so very smoothly. The company then courted him to work as Chief Operations officer and he gladly accepted.


Over twenty years later, Gregory James Aziz has shown his worth as a leader time and time again. He is now currently the company’s President, Chief Executive Officer and also sits as Chairman of the company’s board of directors. He is known internally as a visionary with a passion for technology integration within the company. Perhaps one of the greatest assets he brings to the table is his knowledge of the latest and greatest in technology. He has pushed for the integration of technology during his entire career and, because of that fact, National Steel Car has garnered a reputation for always being on the cutting edge of technology integration in the industry.


He has especially excelled in the realm of business growth and development. During his first decade he successfully managed to grow the company by leaps and bounds. He grew the production of rail cars by nearly three times. The production went from just over three thousand annually to more than twelve thousand. In addition, he is a big believer in investing care to grow his company’s employee base. To support this, he is also responsible for growing the number of company employees from several hundred to nearly three thousand. This job creation was a huge boost for the company and for the city of Hamilton, Ontario’s overall economy. See This Article for additional information.



National Steel Car continues to expand both its production and its employee base.


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