Jed McCaleb Supports the Global Economy through Innovations

Jed McCaleb is an inventor and a technology expert. He strives to ease processes and improve the world by way of enhancing, improving and programming technology. Jed believes in constantly streamlining and influencing technology to increase efficiency and improve human lives. He created eDonkey which was one of the largest platforms for sharing files. He also rolled out Mt. Box, the first Bitcoin exchange technology used to transact using the new currency. Jade also founded ripple technology. is Jed’s creation aimed at connecting the compartmentalized financial institutions’ infrastructure. Jed is the head of technical development of Stellar which has a positive impact on the economy by increasing participation and inclusion for all. supports Stellar net to link technology with digital monetary literacy thereby contributing to open-source software.

Jed McCaleb developed his idea from the underlying concept of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is an idea that created a new form of currency through a distributed database in which people transact. Jed created transformational software that uses a source financial network to link to other siloed financial institutions. enables people with low income to cheaply and conveniently move money solving the problem initially faced by low earners who could not save and send money due to erroneous charges. This form of technology is being adopted by businesses and non-profit organizations to enable them to save money.

Jed McCaleb is set to improve the world in its entirety. He has risen from setbacks and endured challenges in embracing and improving technology. He acknowledges that Artificial Intelligence has the potential to dynamically change the world. He actively involves in matters concerning research on new and innovative AI software by acting as a consultant for MIRI.

Jed McCaleb has laid out a strategic plan for Stellar and actively involves a superior team to see the network to its success. He has remained focused and dedicated to the development of high-tech software aimed at improving the quality of life. is an evolutionary technological software that fills the gap in the financial sector. It boosts the economy by catering for the integral needs of bankers.

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