Omar Boraie Makes Families Happy

You often do not think of a business going out of its way from saving a community from dying. Very often the business will just pick up and move to a different area. This has been the tale of many rural communities throughout America. However, Omar Boraie would not allow this to happen to New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Omar Boraie is 73 years old, and he has used his Boraie Development real estate company to transform his beloved city. He has turned New Brunswick from a dirt hole into a marvelous place to live.

I would not think you odd if you believed a real estate company would not care for its city. In fact, looking at, you would think Omar’s company is just the same as any other corporation. What you will not find on the site is that Omar has donated $150 million to the New Brunswick City Council to be used to rebuild the city. Any profit that is made from these commercial and residential transactions is to be set aside to create scholarship money for those who want to attend Rutgers University.

Omar Boraie has worked tirelessly to make New Brunswick an acceptable place to raise your family. While I could tell you dozens of things that he has done, I will focus on one that is pointed out in an article in the New Jersey Stage.

Omar Boraie noticed that New Brunswick families were not spending as much quality time with one another as was needed to have a thriving community. He approached the State Theater to work out a good deal. His original idea was to give families a free night on the town by providing them with an animated family movie free of charge. This event was so well attended that the community demanded it becomes an annual event. Over the years, this annual event has grown to be an entire summer of movies. In the beginning, it was just one movie for one night. Now it is seven movies spread out over a two-month period. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.

Throughout its history, the summer of movie nights has seen Disney movies such as Aladdin, Frozen, The Lion King, and the Beauty and the Beast. Check out their website

Over the years, this event opened up to include people other than family. It is not uncommon to see camps, clubs, churches, and even nursing homes coming to the event.

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