Securus Technologies Solutions Secure Penal Institutions and Protect the Public

Securus Technologies has developed a Wireless Containment System designed to assist correctional institutions in controlling and eliminating the use of illegal cell phones by incarcerated individuals. In this day and age, an incredible number of offenders in correctional institutions across the United States have access to illegal mobile phones.


In bringing its Wireless Containment System to correctional institutions, Securus Technologies undertook research on the prevalence of illegal communications by inmates. The company intercepted a stunning 1.7 million illegal communications by inmates. What is even more alarming is the fact that these 1.7 million communications occurred at only eight correctional institutions.


The Securus Technologies Wireless Containment System is designed to pinpoint the whereabouts of a cell phone in an institution. The hope is to be better able at preventing cell phones from entering an institution in the first instance. In addition, the Wireless Containment System is a solution that can identify and allow for the take out and removal of illegal cell phones in a correctional facility.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas. The company currently is providing solutions to over 3,400 correctional institutions of different types correctional agencies in the United States and Canada. These solutions are addressing the requirements of incarcerating over 1.2 million inmates in the United States.


The case of correctional officer Robert Johnson underscores the importance of controlling cell phones in penal institutions. Johnson was a correctional officer in the state of Florida.


One day, while at work at his assigned facility, Johnson uncovered a box of contraband that an inmate or inmates were trying to get into the facility. The value of the contraband was thought to be about $50,000.


What Johnson did not realize at the time he prevented the admission of the contraband into the facility was that a particular inmate arranged for the smuggling operation. The inmate learned that Johnson prevented the contraband from getting into the facility. The inmate vowed to get revenge. The inmate had an illegal cell phone in his possession.


Armed with the illegal cell phone, the inmate contacted a fellow gang member free in the “real world.” The inmate directed the gang member to kill Johnson. With the use of an illegal cell phone, the inmate was able to order a hit on a correctional officer.


One morning while preparing for work, the gang member burst into Johnson’s home. The inmate opened fire on the correctly officer, nearly killing him. Indeed, in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, doctors did not think that Johnson would survive.


Because of his own experience with an illegal cell phone in a correctional facility, Johnson has made it his life’s mission to make it clear how dangerous mobile devices are in prisons and jails.

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