Leadership advice from the Oxford Club

There is nothing automatic about financial investment. Knowing where and when to put your assets is vital to a solid return on investment. Many investors tend to leave their holdings to the management of a traditional broker, but the truly savvy investor who has much to lose is also keen to what they can do to maximize their gains. That edge on investment is based on information, and on information that is thoroughly researched and presented in an accurate and succinct manner. Economic information that gives long range insight and delivers excellent margin results is really what matters. And, the publications distributed by the Oxford Club can provide that result.

The Oxford Communique

The Oxford Communique is the basic publication of the Oxford Club. Written by Chief Strategist Alexander Green, the newsletter focuses on overall market movements and potential investments. Although the Communique is issued monthly, weekly updates are provided based on the content of the previous monthly issue. Updated market information is important for every investor, which is exactly what this regular publication provides.

The Oxford Income Letter

This regular publication is generated by Marc Lichtenberg. It is focused on specific investments and analysis of potential upcoming investment opportunities that are emerging way ahead of the curve. Smart investing is beating the trend, which is exactly what the Oxford Income Letter intends to accomplish.

The Oxford Resource Explorer

Energy investment may the most important of all areas. The Oxford Resource Explorer is directed at information applicable to all sources of energy investment. Written by emerging trends strategist Matthew Carr, this publication provides the data necessary for any any savvy energy investor who is looking at the long term investment possibilities of all forms of energy investment opportunities, including solar.

The Oxford Club is a great location for all investors looking for an edge on the mainstream investment trend.

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