AvaTrade Review: Benefiting from Cryptocurrency Trade

Various Forex and CFD brokerage companies are taking advantage of the cryptocurrency craze. There are several players in this filed, and it would be important to keenly analyze each one of them before making a decision.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency which utilizes encryption techniques to control online currency together with its transactions. One of the reasons why cryptocurrencies have gained so much popularity across the world is because of how it operates independently unlike traditional currencies. They are very easy to use and hard to be manipulated. The cryptocurrency has been in operation for almost 14 years now.

The brokerage company has been trading goods and currencies across Europe for over a decade calling itself Avus Capital. The brokerage company was founded by Ivan Ashminov and Boris Nedialkov; Bulgarian citizens. Despite the fact that trading 212 appears an old company, its platform for Bitcoin trading is quite new and successful.

Avatrading app also happens to be the most downloaded trading app in the UK. The app through its 212 platforms offers over 2,500 trading instruments ranging from commodities and shares to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The company added cryptocurrencies to its 2012 system in June 2017 in a bid to attract millennials who are sometimes difficult to tap.

It is important to note Avatarde.com was one of the first CFD and Forex brokers to start offering Bitcoin trading in the UK. The company has been in active operation since 2006. It is licensed by MiFID in the European Union and regulated by other internationally recognized financial bodies such as Japan’s Financial Service Commission, The British Islands Service Commission, and the Central Bank of Ireland among others.

Trading with AvaTrade

One of the reasons why most investors prefer avatrade is the ease of using it. Besides, Avatrade, unlike most brokers, only requires a minimum investment of $100. There are also different types of orders offered at avatrade which include; limit orders, stop limits, loss orders, Market orders among others. In general, Avatrade offers investors several options which they can leverage on to make profits. In the recent past, cryptocurrencies have taken the lead in avatrade.


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