Dr. David Samadi Launches New Show For Health Outreach

The life of Dr. David Samadi begins in Iran. He was born there and spent most of his childhood there. After the Islamic Revolution in his native Iran took hold, David Samadi and his family fled to France and later made their way to the United States. A teenager at the time of the Islamic Revolution, Mr. Samadi would go on to complete high school in Long Island, New York where he graduated at the top of his class, and more information click here.

Samadi’s excellent grades earned him a scholarship to local college, SUNY Stony Brook where he studied biochemistry. He was a good student in college as well and was later admitted to Stony Brook’s school of medicine. After completing his studies at Stony Brook’s Medical School David, David Samadi went on to complete residencies in proctology at various New York City hospitals.

Proctology or the study of the anatomy and treatment of diseases associated with the rectum would not be the subject of his future medical career however. Dr. David Samadi says he became highly interested in oncology or the study of cancer early on. Combined with his earlier studies in urology, Dr. David Samadi became an expert in using robotic surgery to treat prostate cancer. This was after he studied at Henri Mondor Hospital abroad in France, which was a spot where robotic surgery was being tested and used.

Mr. Samadi early fascination and study of both robotic surgery and urology has made him a world-renowned urologist and surgeon who treats prostate cancer. He has successfully treated thousands of patients diagnosed with prostate cancer using state of the art robotic technology that he himself has helped develop. Dr. Samadi now serves as a head of urology at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and is also the chief surgeon of robotic and minimally invasive surgery there, and Twitter.com.

One of the passions of Dr. Samadi is helping to spread awareness of prostate cancer. This will be a major focus of his new health show which can be viewed on his website and social media such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live. In addition to discussing prostate cancer, men’s health and sexual health will be discussed. Of course, the show will feature plenty of other general health subjects that includes diet, exercise, common diseases and health fads. Dr. David Samadi’s show will feature medical experts, inventors and contributors who will bring their own unique insight into healthcare and medicine, and https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/dr-david-samadi-to-focus-on-mens-health-topics-for-the-month-of-november-on-sunday-housecall-livestream-300555268.html.

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