Securus Technologies and the Measures they have taken to Transform Inmate Communications

Communicating with a loved one when they are incarcerated gives you peace of mind and is also an opportunity to learn about their progress in the system. Securus Technologies has been working in the sector for the past three decades and during this time; they have managed to create a situation where the traditional idea of incarceration meant being locked out of the society, to one where it is possible to have a daily report on the progress of your loved one.


Their primary product is telephone services. They have some plans for their clients. There are pre-paid plans, which make it possible for people to keep in touch with their loved ones on a regular basis. They have also included video calling technology to their product lineup, and are coming up with many other fresh products which improve their service delivery. The company started in Carrolton Texas, and during that time, they had very few resources. Their vision, which has been carried through by their top leadership, including the current CEO Rick Smith, is to completely change the perception of the incarceration facilities and make them better than just rooms with beds where people suffer endlessly.


The company has in the past received certification by the better business bureau. It is an indication that their service delivery is excellent and that their customer service is superior in the manner that they deliver their service. Securus Technologies is a company that has made it possible for people to connect face to face with loved ones through video conference, even when they are in another state. They have made it possible to monitor inmates and make sure cases such as weapons being smuggled into the facility to be used to commit crimes have come to an end. The sky is the limit for Securus Technologies.


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