Obsidian Energy Limited Endeavors To Reach The Top Without Compromising The Safety of the Employees, The Public, And The Environment

Among the Canadian oil and natural gas producers is the Calgary, Alberta-headquartered Obsidian Energy Limited located in the western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. The company was incepted in the year 1979 as Penn West Petroleum Ltd. This year, the firm renovated and restructured its operations, optimizing its strengths and capabilities. The development led to the rebranding to its current name on June 26th to match the new face of the company. Obsidian Energy Limited is built on relentless hard work and is focused on delivering results. The shareholders, partners and the community are an important part of the company where it directs its commitment and accountability. The company bases its production in the Alberta Viking, Peace River oil sands and the Pembina Cardium. The company is well equipped to deliver about 30000 barrels of oil per day.




Obsidian understands the negative effects to the environment that comes with oil production. To this length, the company adopts operations approaches that incorporate respect and responsibility, to ensure minimum or no effect is felt in the environment. The professionals in the company are also trained to involve the residents, communicating to them of the possible effects on the environment. Obsidian Energy limited has an open telephone line and email address that allows the people to air their concerns, further cementing its dedication.


Safety is one of the critical areas that the company capitalizes on; several programs that include training and creating awareness are put in place. Obsidian Energy Limited is committed to ensuring that the safety of its employees and those of its contractors is enhanced in the course of their work. The surrounding communities are also not left out. The programs are aimed at enhancing safety measures, abiding and complying with the required safety standards. The company also audits the systems regularly to ensure that the regulations are always observed.


Obsidian Energy Ltd.’s dedication to the staff, the community, and the environment is shown in the emergency response plans in partnership with the local emergency response organizations. The plan ensures that any emergency is tackled on time minimizing damage to the environment or the people. Click Here For More Info.

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