Omar Yunes Wins the Mexican Chapter for BFW Competition

Entrepreneur Omar Yunes was the gold winner of the award for Best Franchisee of the Year in the competition’s edition for 2015. He was upvoted by his employees and selected by the jury to receive the golden award due to is exceptional performance ad beneficial influence of the industry and learn more about Omar Yunes.

Omar Yunes is one of the most known members of the Japanese food chain of Sushi Itto. He has been contributing to the brand on a significant level which ha earned him the recognition of the jury, Omar Yunes owns and operates 13 locations of the food chain which is 10%. Since he won the award two years ago in 2015, however, Omar Yunes has expanded his ownership, and now he controls a few more units of Sushi Itto. His locations are in Puebla, Veracruz, Mexico City, and in a few other places around Mexico. Omar Yunes manages more than four hundred employees across those units.

The competition is one of the most prestigious recognition to win. The award ceremony was attended by hundreds of people and was covered by the media. There were representatives well as executives, leaders, and employees. They attended the award gala in Florance, Italy. There were local guests as well as from several European and Asian countries. There were also guests from Argentina and Mexico, as well as from the U. S. and contact him.

Omar Yunes shared upon receiving the award he was proud to have four hundred amazing people working together with him to make Sushi Itto better for customers. He also added that the prize is for all of his employees across the 13 units as he would not have managed without them. The Mexican chapter of the competition elected ts winner on December 5 and more information click here.

The chief executive officer of the food chain Sushi Itto also made a speech at the event. CEO Benjamin Cancelmo sees in the award for Best Franchisee of the Year a manifestation of the efforts that have satisfied millions of consumers. The CEO also added that the award is also an encouragement for all franchisees of the food chain Sushi Itto to strive for more and achieve better results and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.

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