How George Soros is Re-Shaping American Politics

There is something to be said for how divisive the 2016 Presidential Election turned out to be to the world of United States politics. American politics has always been divisive and partisan but it was never as out in the open as it was in 2016. The rise of Donald Trump’s divisive brand of fireband-nationalism split the nation down the middle and it fundamentally destroyed public conversation regarding politics. These changes were obviously negative but there were some positives. For progressives, despite the loss of the election, the return of George Soros was the biggest story of the year. The return of George Soros would render a huge shift in the world of American politics, just like Donald Trump. To understand why the return of Soros was so important you would need to understand just where he came from.

George Soros was born in Hungary and he was raised there until he was a teenager. Then, in 1944, the Nazi occupation began. For a full calendar year the Nazi’s would control Hungary and over 500,000 Hungarian born Jews would end up mercilessly slaughtered for nothing more than being who they were. Soros would see firsthand just how violent and ugly the world could be when it is led by terrible people with a penchant for power. Over the year Soros would be forced to flee to London in order to find safety. In London Soros would attend the London School of Economics and he would pursue his education while funding it working a pair of jobs. It was here that Soros familiarized himself with many of the thoughts and concepts that he would mold his professional career after and more information click here.

In the United States George Soros would end up establishing the Soros Hedge Fund and over the years it would turn into one of the most effective investment funds that the country has ever seen. Soros would soon turn his attention toward politics and making a difference pushing the progressive and Open World policies that he had grown to become so fondly of. This is what would cause Soros to come out of political hiatus in order to stand across from Donald Trump in order to oppose him and follow his Twitter.

George Soros is a noted philanthropist and progressive and he has always been ready to fight for justice and equality. That is why he came back in order to support Hillary Clinton and the rest of the progressive candidates on the ticket. Soros would donate over $20 million through the election in order to help prop up and equalize some of the disparity between the right wing spending machine and the relatively lower budgets of progressive politicians. Soros return bodes well for the future and learn more about George.

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