Best Education in Orange County-Orange Coast College

The Orange Coast Recycling Center was under renovation for the last one year and three months, finally, the center was opened on August 21st. Mike Carey is the Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, and he said that the number of people visiting the recycling center on a daily basis has increased by 25% or rather 400 people per day from the 250-300 people who previously visited the center. According to Mr. Carey, their main agenda and goal of renovating the recycling center was to create more opportunity for the public to visit the center as well as creating more revenue for the Orange Coast College students.

The expansion has brought about new features which include a larger parking space and it is now able to accept and handle a greater variety of waste materials. Carey was thrilled with the outcome of the new center and he is sure the public also loved the recycling center. The plan to reconstruct the recycling center took about 10 years. The project was a success due to the help offered by several bodies including; CR&R, Measure M, as well as Associated Students of Orange Coast College. The donations contributed by the donors were as follows. CR&R donated $500000, Associated Students of Orange Coast College donated $1.5 million, and Measure M gave $5milluion. One of the features of the new recycling center is the showers which allow students to shower after their shifts and before going for their classes. Learn more:

Orange Coast College is a campus built on a 164-acre land and it is located in Costa Mesa which is near the Southern California beaches. The educational facility was established in 1947. Ever since its foundation, the campus has expanded to one of the prestigious colleges and has been admitting more than 25000 students each semester. Although is among the ancient educational institutions in the region. Orange Coast College has been advancing g with technology and it provides the latest technological facility in the school. The college offers more than 135 academic as well as career programs. Orange Coast College is ranked as one of the best colleges in Orange County. The education facility is a member of Coast Community College District and it offers classes in all seasons that is summer, winter, and spring.

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