Tour The Narrow Streets Of Gunma With Kim Dao

Gunma is a central prefecture in the Asian nation of Japan. Most people who visit this prefecture enjoy local hot springs, walking around parks, and hiking. If you want to tour this interesting area of Japan, then you must watch Kim Dao’s vlog “Japan Vlog: First time Driving in JAPAN, Gunma | KimDao in JAPAN.


You might not recognize Kim Dao at the start of this vlog. That’s because she’s wearing incredibly large glasses! Kim says she has to wear her glasses on this trip to Gunma since she’s the designated driver.


After Kim and a few friends pick up some snacks from Mister Donut, they get in their car and head out to Gunma. As she’s driving down the highways, Kim Dao says she’s planning on going to the Minakami Onsen and the Kusatsu Onsen at Gunma.


Once they get to Gunma, Kim Dao shows us around a pond in Gunma. They film a man kayaking down the pond. Sadly, this man’s kayak flips over mid-stream, but he recovers quickly. Kim Dao and her friends laugh at him.


For lunch, Kim and her friends decide to get pizza. Kim orders two pies: one with sausage & corn and the other with fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, and basil.


Kim Dao then has to put her driving skills to the test as she navigates extremely narrow roads. Thankfully, she arrives at her hotel with no scratches to the car.


At the end of the video, Kim Dao and her friends find a place to play carnival games. After playing a few games, Kim Dao gets an authentic Japanese dinner. Learn more:



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